Cybersecurity at UCR



Cyber@UCR was founded in 2016 when a group of hackers when @squelch came to UCR and saw a gap in the security education, but there was no shortage of hackers. He brought a group together to compete in Western Regionals Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. This team placed 3rd in Defense and earned Cyber@UCR a place in the college of engineering! Cyber has grown in size and skill every year.


Since our humble beginning, we hope to attract more members and grow our competition rankings.

Some topics we practice

  • Secure System Administration

  • Web Application Security

  • Secure Software Development

  • Offensive Security

  • Incident Response

  • Security Awareness Training

  • Locksport

  • Ethical Disclosure Practices

Some competitions we participate in

  • Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition

  • Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition

Check out our practice groups

2021 Regionals CCDC Team

Cyber@UCR places 1st at Western Regional Qualifiers! Read more at Inside UCR and UCR CSE News.

Rankings from WRCCDC on Twitter.

Captain: Anthony Hallak, Linux/Co-captain: Elise Lin, Windows: Jiera Sirivatanarat, Networks: Nathan Melwani, Web: Kobe Braga, Injects: Kanin Liang, Logs: Saul Gonzalez, Floater: Kunal Mittal

2020 Regionals & Nationals CPTC Team

Cyber@UCR competes virtually and places into Nationals where we'll be competing with schools such as Stanford, RIT, and CMU! Read more at UCR CSE News.

Shoutout from National CPTC on Twitter.
Recognition from UC Riverside on Twitter.

Captain: Luis Garcia, Co-captain: Jason Lin, Members: Jiera Sirivatanarat, Anthony Hallak, Nathan Melwani, Elise Lin

2020 Regionals CCDC Team

The come back! Cyber placed 3rd in the defense category. We're seeking to improve our methods by expanding our scripts, getting hands-on with archived machines, and looking for new recruits.

Captain: Edward Huh, Linux/Co-Captain: Anthony Hallak, Windows: Jiera Sirivatanarat, Web: Luis Garcia, Networks: Elise Lin, Injects: Steven Tran, Logs: Renee Pedvin, Floater: Nicholas Pleatsikas

2019 Regionals CPTC Team

Cyber's first offensive security competition @Stanford! We did not place and are hoping to expand our team and skills for 2020.

Captain: Luis Garcia, Co-captain: Anthony Hallak, Members: Edward Huh, Sean Richardson, Elise Lin

2019 Invitationals CCDC Team

Cyber did not qualify but watch for our come back next year!

Captain: Daniel Stinson, Linux: Anthony Hallak, Windows: Brittney Mun, Web: William Shiao, Networks: Edward Huh, Injects: Sophie Schrager, Logs: Raudel Blazquez Munoz, Floater: Luis Garcia

2018 Regionals CCDC Team

Cyber placed 3rd overall and 1st in the defense category!

Captain: Bradley Evans, Linux: Calvin Ta, Windows: Brittney Mun, Web: William Shiao, Networks: Daniel Stinson, Injects: Edward Huh, Logs: Renee Pedvin, Floater: Queston Juarez

2017 Regionals CCDC Team

Cyber placed 5th overall.

Captain: Bradley Evans, Linux: Calvin Ta, Windows: Brittney Mun, Web: William Shiao, Networks: Nicholas Pelham, Injects: Kevin Dinh, Logs: Andrew Nava, Floater: Jerry Jiang

2016 Regionals CCDC Team

Cyber placed 1st in defense! Thank you to UCR's Chief Information Security Officer, Nicholas Turley, and the Computer Science department's Manager of Technical Operations, Victor Hill, for coaching us our starting year.

Captain: Bradley Evans, Linux: Calvin Ta, Windows: Ho-Ren Kang, Web: Bradd Carey, Networks: Alan Quach , Logs: Marco Tobon, Injects: Montana Esguerra, Floater: Kevin Dinh